Copyright 2020. © Christina V. Kueppers. All rights reserved.

Illustrated by Helen Chernova

Pictures copyright © Christina V. Kueppers

​​​​   Have you ever heard unusual noises in your house? Have you ever had one of your socks disappear? If so, you have a Brownie in your house!
     In folklore, Brownies are legendary creatures that inhabit houses and help in tasks around the house.
     This heart-warming and educational story is about a Brownie who made friends with a 5 year old boy named Sam.
     Sam taught Tommy the Brownie everything he knew about the months of the year. 

e-Book & Paperback (Illustrated)

Language: English

Author: Christina V. Kueppers

Illustrator: Helen Chernova

Editor: Linda Jay

​Age Range: 2-7 years

ISBN 978-0-692-71631-1