Christina V. Kueppers

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     Christina was born in Russia, grew up in Ukraine and immigrated to the United States of America in 2003. Her father is of German descent and mother is of Russian and Ukrainian descent. She currently lives in sunny California with her two beautiful children.

     Christina V. Kueppers has a Master's degree in Intellectual Property and Technology Law from the University of San Francisco School of Law. She has been working in the legal field most of her life.

    Interestingly, many fairy tales were written by authors who had a law degree, for example both of the brothers Grimm and Charles Perrault studied law.

    Christina also has a degree in early childhood education and she has experience working with children. 

     Writing fairy tales was always Christina's passion. Keeping in the tradition of fairy-tale-telling, she sends modern-day messages to children.

     Christina introduces you to her kind-hearted fairy tales with very special characters that children and adults love.

​    Every tale will take you to a magical journey of reading!

     Christina V. Kueppers also writes nursery rhymes for little children and short stories about space travel and aliens.